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British Comedy Lovers

From Britcoms to sketch shows...

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Hello! And welcome to the LJ Community for argueably the best in amusing televisual delights - The Britcom!

To join click here!

Once you've joined, feel free to discuss/quote/go mad about whatever britcoms & any other british comedy shows (ie Python/Little Britain etc) that tickle your fancy.

As long as no one mentions 'The Good Life'... *Vyvyan-style rant* hehe well you can if you really want to, i guess ;)

Ooh, and little introductions are nice! Not a 'must do' but it's nice to know who people are, and what they love & quote to death!

There are no rules to speak of (right on!) apart from the usual respect for your fellow comedy lovers and all that bollocks.

Feel free also to suggest interests (programme-wise) for the list, to make it more easily accessable to more people who like the same stuff as you.

Right, that's the intro over with - that ought to do it! </ Eddie Hitler>



Check em out!